About us

DMC Balkan

We assure you that we will find you unique, specially tailored proposal for groups and events in every country in the Balkans and send it to you as soon as possible, always adhere to the highest standards of excellence.

After consolidating its position in the market as a brand recognized for its reliability and transparency, Pro Optimus followed its success in Travel Industry by launching its DMC Balkan operations in 2013 in the name of Pro Optimus LTD with its first head office in Sarajevo.

With an established and successful network in the entire Balkan region with a great deal of potential in providing ground services in Balkan where it will offer our knowledge and experience across all aspects of travel management. The company’s main focus is Bosnia and Herzegovina. We shall offer a host of products designed to make travel easier for the inbound traveller. We shall offer complete travel management services from planning to execution of tours.

Proactive Reliable Organized OPTIMUS. Everyone dreams of escaping the day to day and experience something different. We are passionate about partnering with businesses who share the same value. Using years of ground practical experience we have built professional teams partnering with the best of technology making business processes simple.

Our work culture is adapting a dynamic existence, wherein the ‘present’ is in our work and the ‘future’ is in our minds. We are constantly driven towards adding value to our B2B partners, and as a means to do so, we have built an unparalleled physical and virtual network, which helps to penetrate every corner of the travel Market, and seize valuable opportunities.

Our vision is clear – to be a professional global travel player selling every corner of the planet to any corner of the world. Our goal is to hold a wide product portfolio, provide un-compromised quality & to have all who do business with us be positively delighted with their experience. Our team employ 13 highly skilled people who are able to meet the most demanding wishes of the client, regardless of where they come from, or where they are traveling to. We cover all fields of tourism. We look forward to working with you. Yes, we work very hard and want our customers to be positively delighted with their experience while in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina and whole Balkan region.

Sincerely yours,
DMC Balkan Team